Soft Matter Resources aims to be a web resources containing useful information and links for researchers in the soft matter field. We keep an up-to-date list of conferences focusing on soft matter chemistry, in particular those featuring surfactants, polymers, gels and liquid crystals.

For those not in the field, soft matter is a term used to describe matter which is in a state that is neither solid or liquid, but has properties of both. Systems that be described as soft matter include polymer solutions, colloids, surfactant micelles, membranes and liquid crystals.

Most soft matter components are macromolecular structures of length scales in the range of a few nano meters to several micrometers, held together by weak intermolecular forces. This means their physical characteristics are largely dominated by thermal fluctuations and give the systems a degree of mechanical softness.

A number of nobel prizes have been won for research into soft matter. Most notabley the 1926 Prize to Richard A. Zsigmondy (read the lecture here and the 1991 prize to Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (read the lecture here)